Imperial War Museum

The Iwm implementation extracts the data from the Adlib collections management system via their API and places it into a SOLR index for fast and scalable ssearching. It performs data validation, terminology alignment, public location augmentation and image purchase linking as well as interfacing with their digital asset management system.

In addition to the core CIIM the Imperial War Museum have also implemented a real-time user generated content module (developed in conjunction with the Iwm itself and funded jointly by IWM and NESTA). This module allows user generated content and collections to be created in gallery, via a mobile application (developed by Gooii) and via the web but to be seamlessly visible across all platforms and post (or pre)moderated. Additional content is added to core data to provide in gallery prompts to promote discussion and sharing via the contextual augmentation interface. This additional content is available via gallery kiosks, on a mobile application via QR codes and at static Urls online. Data is also made available via OAI and OpenSearch.

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